Baby Safe Feeder

Baby Safe Feeder

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"A dad rushed his 18 month old daughter to the hospital choking on a grape that he cut in half for her. We tried everything we could and could not save her. As an ER nurse I know choking occurs more often than you realize. Just because a baby has teeth doesn't mean they are chewing food properly. Please take every precaution while feeding your little one."

R.N., Diane R., TX

A safe way
to feed your baby!

Encourages self feeding!

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"I nearly lost my son due to him choking on a teething biscuit."

Teething FeederThis is a true story....................           

The BABY SAFE FEEDER™ was invented because I almost lost my 9 month old son due to him choking on a piece of food that was supposed to be safe to give a baby. Matthew was sitting in his high chair next to my wife and myself. He was experiencing so much discomfort cutting his teeth through, that I gave him a teething biscuit. Since he had a couple teeth he was able to get a chunk of that biscuit bitten off and choked on it. It got lodged in his throat and he started to turn blue because he could not get any oxygen. Fortunately, we were right there to see him and realized Matthew was in trouble. After all normal methods to get it out failed I was able to dig down into his throat several times and finally got the piece of food out.

If we had been in the next room, on the telephone, doing dishes or driving the car with him in the back seat we would have lost him. Matthew never made a sound because his airway was blocked. He had no way to let us know that he was choking.

It was a few days after that near tragedy that I got so angry that I decided to do something about it. We were doing every thing right. Our baby was in a high chair, next to us at the kitchen table. We gave him a teething biscuit that was supposed to be safe for him. We knew what procedure to follow if a child chokes. In other words, we were being careful and yet we almost lost our child.

After extensive research we discovered that far too many babies were choking to death on food that was good for them and soothing to their gums while teething. There was no safe way to give your loved one good fresh fruits, vegetables, foods or snacks regardless of how close you are watching them or how careful you are being. Being careful or watching them close does not prevent them from choking. Being careful and watching them is and always will be extremely important so that if your loved one does choke hopefully you will know how to react and you can react fast enough to prevent a terrible tragedy (you have less than 4 minutes to get your baby breathing once he or she starts to change color due to lack of oxygen) there is no time to call "911 or the neighbor" to help you.

There had to be a better way. After 12 years of research, development and testing the    BABY SAFE FEEDER™ was invented and patented. It is the "better way" and has been used by thousands of babies. We have received so many letters, pictures, comments and testimonials from satisfied parents all saying the same thing, "Why didn't you invent it sooner?" "We love it." "We wouldn't think of being with out it now that we know it is available."

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