Baby Safe Feeder

Baby Safe Feeder

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Invented, patented and marketed by a dad who almost lost his baby due to choking on a teething cookie. "If we had been in the next room, on the telephone or driving with him in the back seat of the car we would have lost him. Being careful does not prevent your loved one from choking."

Fun, safe and easy  way to feed solid      foods!

Prevents risk of choking!

Helps relieve teething pain!

Encourages self

Top rack dishwasher safe!

100% Made in USA!

Mommy Approved!


Q. What is the BABY SAFE FEEDER™ made of and where is it made?

A. The plastic pieces are polypropylene and the mesh bag is polyester. We use NO BPA, PVC, Latex or Phthalates. It is fully assembled and 100% made in the USA using all FDA approved materials. The BABY SAFE FEEDER™ is the original feeder, the only patented feeder, has been on the market for seventeen years, has been fully lab-tested, has met or surpassed all testing requirements and is CPSIA compliant.

Q. My grandson has 4 teeth, he eats everything. Why would he need the BABY SAFE FEEDER™?

A. When a baby has a few teeth they can bite off a chunk of food and choke on it. Without molars to chew food properly chunks of food can easily get lodged in baby's throat or inhaled into their lungs. The BABY SAFE FEEDER™ teaches your baby to chew his food, not just bite off a piece and try to swallow.

Q. I received the BABY SAFE FEEDER™ as a gift, when can my baby start using it and what foods can I put in the feeder?

A. At about 4 or 5 months when your baby's gums are sore from teething until you feel confident that your baby is chewing and swallowing without the fear of choking. You can put ice, cold or frozen fruits, cold raw carrots which will soothe teething pain. For more information on age appropriate solid foods click here.

Q. Isn't the BABY SAFE FEEDER™ messy?

A. No, usually not, but if you put a juicy peach or watermelon into the BABY SAFE FEEDER™ we recommend you sit your little one in their high chair. A baby will chew and suck at the same time and the food only comes through the mesh bag as fast as they can chew and suck on it. Your baby won't throw food all around on the floor or in the car because the food is contained in the mesh bag. Never leave a child unattended when eating or drinking. DO NOT put food into the feeder until it is time to feed your baby. Remember Food Spoils.

Q. What is the difference between a pacifier and the BABY SAFE FEEDER™?

A. A pacifier is a rubber nipple that a baby sucks and chews on that is of no nutritional value. The feeder is a mesh bag with a handle attached. The mesh feeder bag contains wholesome fresh food of your choice. Babies chew and suck at the same time. The food coming through the BABY SAFE FEEDER™ is a fine texture and easy for baby to swallow reducing the risk of choking.

Q. Can the BABY SAFE FEEDER™ be a benefit to anyone else?

A. Actually, yes. We have many doctors, speech and occupational therapists that use and recommend our feeder for their patients with Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, stroke victims and the elderly who have become malnourished due to the inability to chew and swallow their food properly.

Q. How do you clean the BABY SAFE FEEDER™?

A. When your baby is finished, take it away. Remove the mesh bag, turn inside out and rinse off food particles. Some foods such as bananas are more difficult to clean out of the feeder than others (try a white vinegar soak or baking soda). Wash it in hot soapy water or put it in the dishwasher on the top rack (utensil basket) so it is ready for the next use. Be sure to purchase extra replacement bags, so if you are unable to clean the bag properly your baby will always have a clean safe bag to use.

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