Baby Safe Feeder

Baby Safe Feeder

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Some foods such as bananas are more difficult to clean out of the mesh bags than others (try a white vinegar soak or baking soda). Then wash in hot soapy water and rinse.

Be sure to purchase extra bags so if you are unable to clean the bag properly your baby will have a clean safe bag.




Don't throw feeder away... Just replace bag when needed!



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"Where was this contraption at when I had my kids? I buy this product for everyone I know that is having a baby and it is always the most talked about baby shower gift."


"These feeders are so handy. The handles are perfect for little hands and they hold cookies, apple and melon chunks nicely! A great idea for my baby, Ella, who watches her big sister eat snacks and can now have her own! I've also put ice and frozen juices in the mesh bag to help soothe her gums when she's teething. This is definitely a must have!"

Sally B., AZ

"Glad to buy a product that is made in the good old USA. Thanks!"

Sammy K., AK

"A great product but here is a cleaning tip that most people would not think about. I happen to have tried it and it really works. Soak the mesh bag in a cup of hot water with a polident tablet and the fizzing action actually helps clean the bag. After you soak it wash it in hot soapy water as you normally would do."

Sandy K., OR

"My 10 month old, Joey, had his first Christmas dinner. He ate it all with the baby safe feeder. He had turkey, sweet potatoes, string beans, etc. Our whole family was amazed that he could get all that food through the mesh bag. We rate this a 10+."

Allison W., AZ

"This is such a neat gadget...wish I came up with this idea."

Susan K., MT

"Now my husband and I can enjoy dinner out with our baby, Alex. He is so content eating a variety of foods from the salad bar with his new Baby Safe Feeder. We love to eat out and this just makes it so much easier."


"This might very well be the best teething invention yet. I bought this for teething but now that my little girl has some teeth we have given her all kinds of foods in it and we don’t have to worry about her choking anymore. A few of the foods we gave her such as bananas were a little harder to clean out than expected but with the purpose this serves, it is well worth the time and effort to have my baby safe and happy."

John D., ND

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