Baby Safe Feeder

Baby Safe Feeder

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Some foods such as bananas are more difficult to clean out of the mesh bags than others (try a white vinegar soak or baking soda). Then wash in hot soapy water and rinse.

Be sure to purchase extra bags so if you are unable to clean the bag properly your baby will have a clean safe bag.


Don't throw feeder away... Just replace bag when needed!

Top rack dishwasher safe!

Great for traveling!

Perfect baby shower gift!



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"My brother and sister-in-law have triplets and the baby safe feeder has sure helped with teething and feeding.  It definitely has reduced their worry about them choking.  My brother is at work during the day so with having three demanding babies she said using the baby safe feeder is like having another pair of hands." 

Nicole J., SC

"My husband, Brian, returned from his tour of duty in Iran.  Our son was born while he was away.  He got so excited watching Jimmy eat apples, pears and grapes with the baby safe feeder.  Brian kept checking into the fridge for different foods to put into Jimmy's baby safe feeder."

Lauren S., CA 

"Glad to buy a product that is made in the good old USA. Thanks!"

Sammy K., AK

"These feeders are so handy.  The handles are perfect for little hands and they hold cookies, apples and melon chunks nicely!  A great idea for my baby, Ella, who watches her big sister eat snacks and can now have her own!  I've also put ice and frozen juices in the mesh bag to help soothe her gums when she's teething.  This is definitely a must have!"

Sally B., AZ

"I  mainly used the feeder with ice for my sons teething at first but once I saw how he took to it I started freezing his baby food in it.  He loved it!  I didn't have to give him pain medication for his teething which was great.  I've given him all kinds of food in it but find banana's are the hardest to clean so I just don't use the feeder for banana's.  Outstanding product!" 

Ellen T., PA

"My father-in-law, John, had a massive stroke.  His food had to be pureed because he choked so easily.  At lunch one day my daughter, Suzie, was chewing on fresh pineapple with her baby feeder.  John said I wish I could eat that.  I said let's give it a try.  He chewed on the feeder filled with fruit and was so happy he wanted to try different foods that he had not had in a long time. Watching him eat and enjoy himself brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you so much."

Constance J., OK  

"I went on a summer fieldtrip with my daughter, Noelle, and my baby was so fussy due to teething.  I was so frustrated and embarrassed.  One of the other moms let me use her son's baby safe feeder and my son immediately shut up.  I was so surprised and relieved.  She gave me your website and I ordered one right then and there from my phone." 

Jackie L., FL

"This might very well be the best teething invention yet. I bought this for teething but now that my little girl has some teeth we have given her all kinds of foods in it and we don’t have to worry about her choking anymore. A few of the foods we gave her such as bananas were a little harder to clean out than expected but with the purpose this serves, it is well worth the time and effort to have my baby safe and happy."

John D., ND

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